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This app is the best way to get in touch with us. It’s fast and easy. Once you launch the app, it’s on touch to get a hold of Hibbs. If you want a specific department, go to the directory and simply touch the button you need and it will call the person you should talk to. If you would rather email that person, just touch the text instead of the button and you can easily email your question or comment. Your salesman is a button as well for easy access anytime.





One Touch Call

All you have to do is press this button to call Hibbs. You will then be directed to the correct person based on your needs. It’s that easy!




You can go to the Directory and be directly connected to the correct person. Just touch the button that corresponds to your needs and the Hibbs employee will be called from your phone automatically.









Email Capabilities                                                                                           

If you don’t want to call the Hibbs employee you are trying to contact, just touch the text instead of the button in the Directory and you will be directed to your email.




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Here you can request appointments, register for a Lunch and Learn, provide feedback, and convert kilowatts to horsepower or vice versa. There are also links to our website, YouTube channel, and LinkedIn page.







Job Status

You can now check the status of any active job you have with us. First, request access and you will receive an email with your password to sign-in. You can then look at all your jobs on one screen. When you tap on one of the jobs, you can track the progress of it through all the processes.








Fast and Easy: for your busy work lifestyle

We will be your first call and last worry