Rotating Exciter Repair

Hibbs ElectroMechanical, Inc. has nearly 20 years of experience repairing/rewinding rotating exciters from 340 KW to 3105 KW.

Upon arrival at the Hibbs ElectroMechanical facility, the motor/exciter including skid will be disassembled, all parts cleaned, components electrically tested, parts mechanically inspected and measured. After the initial testing and inspection, an electronic In-Process Failure Analysis Report will be submitted for work authorization.

Pre-Planning with use of a Gantt Chart can be developed to establish a repair timeline focusing on specific milestones.

Formulation of Gantt Chart

  • Can be integrated into site plan and updated
  • Disassemble all parts
  • Clean all parts
  • Inspect and measure bearings
  • Inspect, measure, and polish bearing journals
  • After cleaning perform electrical tests (Insulation Resistance, Polarization Index, HiPot and Surge) on fields, interpoles, armature and electrical accessories
  • Undercut commutator
  • Rewind / Main Exciter / Polot Exciter (if applicable) / Armature with Equalizers / Fields / Interpoles / Pole-Face Windings
  • Replace all mounting insulators on Buss (G-10 or G-11)
  • Assemble and laser align all components
  • Repair / Replace all insulating boards for the Main Generator, Buss and Brush Rigging
  • Replace Sealtite Conduit
  • Replace Control wiring – SIS Instrument wire 105C
  • Replace Fuse Holders
  • Replace Terminal Strips
  • Replace wiring to lights on skid
  • Replace RTD’s and thermocouples
  • Clean and Inspect in line oil strainers and orifices
  • Gearbox Inspection
  • Flush Gearbox
  • Inspect gears for alignment and damage
  • Check Backlash
  • Rockwell Hardness test of gears
  • Check Oiler
  • Assemble and laser align all components
  • Partial / Full load test (500 VDC / 1000 AMP max) after assembly including laser alignment to the test-stand drive, motor vibration analysis, bearing temperature stabilization, voltage and current output
  • The exciter assembly will be painted and wrapped for shipment


  • Load Test to 1,000 AMP @ Rated Voltage
  • Above 1,000 AMP (Optional)

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